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Below we have listed a number of links that may be of help to pupils when learning from home.


BBC Bitesize.


If you want to supplement or do additional home learning with your child.

go to BBC Bitesize


BBC Bitesize timetable

Important Moments in History. Greta Thunberg.

Important Moments in History. Tim Berners Lee. The World Wide Web.

Important Moments in History. Alan Turing.

Important Moments in History. The Moon Landing 1969.

History. Important Moments in British History. The arrival of the ship- Empire Windrush

History. Lets Learn about Rationing in WW2.

Activities and Links. VE Day 75th Anniversary.

Rowan Tree Drama Therapists

 As there may be some time until we are together again, here are some ideas you may want to try whilst at home…


  1. Build an obstacle course, a den, an imaginary island.
  2. Play board games – have a competition/reward.
  3. Have an indoor camping day with a tent and a picnic.
  4. Try to have some outdoor time - go for a walk in the woods or an open park.
  5. Use the internet to find an interesting science experiment and have a go!
  6. Do something creative – rock painting, face painting, sock puppets, finger painting, junk modelling…
  7. Make and fly paper aeroplanes.
  8. Have a ‘film day’ – make tickets, seat numbers, popcorn…
  9. Blow bubbles – who can make the biggest?
  10. Make homemade playdough, biscuits or cupcakes.
  11. Have a Lego challenge – who can build a car/house/animal?
  12. Create a ‘shop’ or café in the kitchen – use real money to practice paying for snacks or lunch.
  13. Write letters to a friend or family member.
  14. Make musical instruments with objects in the house.
  15. Have a pretend birthday celebration for a teddy – remember to play some party games!
  16. Have an indoor treasure hunt.
  17. Have an indoor basketball competition using balled up paper and a bucket or box.
  18. Try some home exercise through You Tube – Cosmic Yoga, PE with Joe (Monday to Friday, 9am live broadcast for 30minutes each day)
  19. Make a pretend car wash with some toy cars or a groomers with some toy animals.
  20. Try making a paper mache mask, animal, Easter egg…


There are many websites offering free access at the moment. Have a look at…


Maths –

Keeping Active –

*Check out for a full list of websites offering free access

Links for Parents and Carers to try

Fun Home Learning Physical Activity for the whole family