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Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership (KCSP) Statement on School Attendance and the Provision of Remote Learning

Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership (KCSP) Statement on School Attendance and the Provision of Remote Learning


School Attendance


DfE Guidance for full opening: schools states that all pupils in all years should return to school full time from September 2020, recognising this is vital for academic progress and student wellbeing.  All state-funded schools are required to follow this published guidance and have statutory responsibilities to secure the attendance of pupils in full time education. 


The Guidance specifically outlines attendance expectations; stating parents have a duty to ensure their child attends school regularly and schools have a duty to record attendance and follow up absence, including the appropriate use of available sanctions (in line with the Local Authority Code of Conduct). The guidance makes clear that shielding has paused and all, but a very small number of, children previously required to shield should return to school.  If a child’s health condition is such that they must continue to shield, this is confirmed by their GP or consultant.


Access to Remote Learning


With regard to the provision of remote education the Guidance is clear that where a child is unable to attend school because they are complying with clinical or public health advice the school is expected to offer that child access to remote education immediately and the absence will not be penalised.  All other children must attend school. 


KCSP recognises that consistency of approach is helpful for all schools and parents. The agreed position is that where there is an officially confirmed requirement for a child to shield or a child is self-isolating due to suspected Covid-19 (themselves, in their household or by order of the NHS test and trace / local health protection team) remote learning will be made available by our schools.


The provision of remote learning is not a requirement for those who do not fall into these categories including non Covid-19 related illness or absence.  Remote learning is not an alternative to pupils’ full-time attendance at school. 


Principles of Remote Learning


KCSP recognises that there may be key differences between our schools when it comes to the delivery of remote learning to take account of the identified needs of the pupils in our schools and our respective infrastructure and resources.


The following principles for remote learning provision apply across all schools:


  • provision is available to the individual or group of pupil(s) from the first day (or as close to the first day as possible) that an approved Covid-19 reason for absence is reported;
  • provision offers curriculum continuity and enables pupils to continue in their class learning;
  • provision offers a blend of high quality online and offline resources;
  • provision ensures there is some opportunity to pupil(s) for teacher interaction, feedback and assessment;
  • individual schools will work directly with the families of SEND children unable to access remote education without adult support to ensure their access to a broad and ambitious curriculum;
  • pupils without online access will be provided with alternative resources to support the curriculum continuity in their curriculum learning.
    KCSP recognises that across its schools remote learning provision may include the selective use of ‘live’ interactions / lessons via Microsoft Teams, My Learning TV, Seesaw or other similar platforms where this has educational merit and is logistically feasible to deliver. However, it is agreed that this will operate as part of a suite of online and offline provision and will not be the exclusive or default method of delivery across our schools.