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New Intake for Reception Class September 2021

A message from our Headteacher Mr Peter McCabe


Dear Parents and Carers


Deciding on the first school for your child is a very important decision that you as parents have to take. Primary school is the first big step into formal education for your child and you will want to get this decision right.


Normally at this time of the year to help parents with their decision I  would set aside every Thursday afternoon to show prospective parents around while our school is in action so you could get to see every class while teaching is taking place. Parents and carers would then have the opportunity to speak to our existing pupils about the learning taking place in the school and how they feel about the school.


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the latest Lockdown restrictions we are not able to do this.


(Although I am still hopeful that once restrictions are eased early in December that I may still be able to show small groups around the school once the children in their classes have gone home.)


In the meantime, I would like to share a few key pieces of information about our school.


  • We are a one form entry Primary School which means that we only take one class of 30 children in reception every year. This has the advantage that we get to know all the children and our families really well and our families get to know us too.
  • We are a faith school which means that we follow the teaching of the Catholic Church. Pupils take part in Religious Education lessons, liturgies/assemblies and prayer. This is very important to us as we have high expectations of good behaviour and our pupils show care and respect for everyone.
  • We are a very inclusive school; we welcome applications from all children not just those who are of the Christian faith, however as a faith school we do follow our admissions criteria which places “Looked After Catholic Children” or “Baptised Catholic” at the top of these criteria.
  • We have our School Mission “To work, learn, pray and play together to fulfil God’s unique plan for every one of us.” The children are central to everything that we do. We do our utmost to help teach and guide the children to become the best.
  • Parents will have to apply for a place at the school online: and complete a Supplementary application form which needs to be returned to the school before 15 January 2021 please look at the information below for further details.


My Promise


If you choose St Simon’s school for your child we will do everything that we can to make sure that your child gets the very best start to their formal education. We will work very much in partnership with you to help your child grow and develop. We will keep you informed on how well your child is doing and if you  do have any concerns or worries we will do everything that we can to resolve these as quickly as possible.


Peter McCabe Headteacher

Information on applying for a Reception Place for September 2021

Information on applying for Reception Class September 2021

Supplementary Information Form B and Admissions Criteria- This must be completed and returned to the school before 15 January