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School Plan in Response to COVID-19 Coronarvirus

Re: School Planning for Covid-19 Coronavirus

The school has been planning our action in response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus.


The school will not close unless it is directed or advised to do so by the Public Health England Health Protection Team.


The management, of any confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the school will be based on the advice and assessment carried out by the Public Health England Health Protection Team.


The school will make every effort to ensure that it will remain open but in the event of wide spread illness we will only be able to do so following a risk assessment based upon if we can get enough staff to cover the number of pupils attending. (This risk assessment will take into consideration that pupil numbers may well be reduced due to illness)


School Closure as directed by Public Health England or wider Central Government Policy or Strategy for dealing with Covid-19 Coronavirus


Should the school be directed to close by Public Health England or as a wider Government Policy or strategy for dealing with Covid-19 every effort will be made to ensure that the children can continue to learn.


The school website will be the main method used for the setting of work:


Teachers will endeavour to keep the class pages regularly updated. Work set may be quite generic and will involve completing work on researching topics which they have been studying in their own class curriculum.


Additionally we have a number of online resources which pupils have access to and which will enable some online/remote learning

The main method of communication for parents will be via the school website: and via text messaging service.


For further information see below:


Phone: 0800 046 8687