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"St Simon's mission is to work, learn, pray and play together to fulfil God's unique plan for each and every one of us."

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"St Simon's mission is to work, learn, pray and play together to fulfil God's unique plan for each and every one of us."

Weekly News 11 June 2021

Dear Parents and Carers


Dear Lord Jesus, please help us to build your kingdom in our hearts and in the world – to do your work on earth with love and care for all. Amen.


It is good to see that summer has decided to show itself at last and the children have been enjoying playing on the field making daisy chains etc. The sun is however very strong at this time of year so parents should insure that the children have a sun hat and sunscreen applied; children will need a drinks bottle which they will be able to refill.


All children are expected to wear full school uniform and that includes their school tie although during the hottest of weather we will often relax this- if I am wearing my tie we expect the children to wear theirs!


Please note that summer dresses are part of our school uniform but playsuits aren’t.


Today you should receive your child’s latest report on how they are progressing. The report is only a “snap shot” of how your children are getting on. Next week you will have the opportunity to discuss in further detail this report with their class teacher at parents evening.


Parent’s evenings are being held via video call on the “School cloud” system. You will be able to book an appointment by logging in your details and child details at


A guide on how to book appointments can be found on the Parents tab> Useful Information page of our website.

Full instructions and a useful video guide on how to log into your appointments can be found here:


Parent evenings are on Monday 14th June and Thursday 17th June. Mrs Warren isn’t available on Thursday 17th June so appointments can be made on Wednesday 16th June for Year 5.


Parents need to note that appointments last only ten minutes so parents will need to login on time as the system closes appointments on time regardless if parents are present or not!


Mrs Chambers our SENCO is available for appointments on Monday 14th June for children on our SEND register or for parents who feel their children may need some additional support.


If parents need help with booking an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.


We have had questions from parents regarding the reporting of minor accidents and injuries to pupils at school. We will always send home a “Bumped Head” note with all children who have received a knock to the head. We as a school do not as a general rule send home written reports of other minor knocks or bruises unless we feel it is necessary or serious enough to warrant this. We will usually alert parents to minor injuries either by telephone or when the children are being picked up. We always take the welfare of all the children in our care seriously.


Congratulations to Marissa, Kavithan and Chimdinma on making their First Holy Communion recently we will keep the children in our thoughts and prayers and we hope that the children continue to grow in their faith.


With best wishes


Peter McCabe

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"St Simon's mission is to work, learn, pray and play together to fulfil God's unique plan for each and every one of us."

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