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Weekly News 5th November 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

“Whatever gifts and talents we are given by God are to be shared with the entire community.”

St Baldwin of Canterbury


Welcome to the beginning of Term 2 which is usually one of our busiest as we prepare for the celebration of Christmas with all that this brings e.g. Reception and Key Stage 1 Nativities, Christmas Fair and Carol Singing. I am sure that everyone will continue to work hard and will give their very best despite all the excitement.


Today your child should have received their first report of the academic year. This report will provide a snapshot of how well your child is progressing with their learning. To allow you to discuss this report further on Tuesday 9th November and Thursday 11th November we are holding our first parents evenings. Please make sure that you make an appointment to speak to your children’s class teacher. If you haven’t already made an appointment please contact the school office.


On Thursday 11th November at 10:45a.m Year 5 will be leading us in our remembrance liturgy when we remember all who have suffered as a result of conflict since the end of the First World War. Parents and Carers are welcome to join us for our liturgy.


On Tuesday 9th November the school photographer will be attending school to take individual photographs of children. (Which make great Christmas presents for uncles, aunts, Nan or Grandad?) Unfortunately at this time we cannot offer the opportunity for younger preschool children to have their photograph taken alongside their siblings.


The Rotary Club are running a number of National Competitions for students aged 7-17 years of age:


Young Photographer

Young Artist

Young Writer


Young Photographer must take a photograph in digital format and Young Artist create a picture on the theme of “Colours of Nature” the entries must be accompanied by a sentence describing how the picture is related to the theme.


Young Writer the students have to write on the Theme of “Environment” up to a maximum of 550 words of prose, maximum of 40 lines of poetry can either be hand written or typed.


For further information on these competitions please click:


This week we welcomed student teachers from Canterbury Christ Church University to St Simon’s. The students will be working across the school but will be mainly based within the classes below:


Miss Okocha-Ashikegbe                   Year 2

Miss Kneen                                         Year 4

Miss Parker                                         Year 6


It is always a great benefit to the children to have student teachers in school as it provides more adults to help the children progress in their learning.


I am sure everyone will make the students feel very welcome as they begin their journey on their teaching careers.


We have a number of children who are coming into school wearing boots our school uniform clearly states that children should be wearing school shoes. We only allow the wearing of boots in extreme weather such as snow.


In school we have a number of children and some of our school adults who are allergic to nuts please can I remind parents for the safety of all can they not put nut related products such as “Nutella or Peanut Butter” in your child’s packed lunches or break time snacks.


We have a vacancy for a Midday meals supervisor if you would be interested in taking on this role for further information please speak to me or contact the school office.


With best wishes



Peter McCabe