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Weekly News Friday 26 March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers


Dear  Lord  Jesus,  as  Holy  Week  approaches,  we  thank  and  praise  you  for  giving  your  life  for  us,  so  that  one  day  we  too  may  know  the  joys  of  heaven.  Amen.


This week Year 6 planned and delivered an Eggcellent, Eggciting, Easter Egg Hunt and Egg and Spoon Race. The weather was a little damper than we would have liked but it certainly didn’t dampen the children’s enjoyment as all had a great time.


Well done to all our Year 6 for planning and arranging this event it really showed what fine mature responsible young people they are, we are all Eggstremely proud of you.


This was the last of our fundraising during Lent however it is not too late to make your donations on Parent Pay. Mrs Cooper will be able to give us a total of how much we have raised for each event next week so you have until then to make your donations.


Next week is Holy Week when the Church remembers the last days of Jesus as he was crucified and dies on the cross. The school will be joining St Teresa’s for Mass on Tuesday 30 March at 10:00a.m.


Year 4 will be leading the school in a “Passion Reflection” on Holy Thursday. The reflection will be shared with the pupils in school and then posted on the Catholic Life page on the website so that the whole school community will be able view their work. Unfortunately we cannot do “live performances” at the moment due to restrictions.


We are consulting parents on our new Relationships and Health Education programme “Life to the Full” and full details of the consultation can be found on this weekly news page. Parents and carers will have until Tuesday 20 April to give us your views.


Attendance reminder:

If children are absent from school we require a phone call on the first day of absence which is followed up in writing either on your child’s return or via email

Mrs Keleher has sent out absence letters this week which we expect to be returned as soon as possible so that the children’s absence is not recorded as unauthorised which could ultimately result in a fixed penalty notice.



We have a few parents and carers who are a little late when dropping children off or when picking their children up. This can mean that the children get worried and this can cause us problems when the children are brought back into the building as we must keep year group bubbles separate.


A View from My Window Art Competition

During the lockdown we ran an art competition where the children had to compose a picture of the view from their window either real or imaginary. The competition entries have been posted on the website last week so our panel of judges could decide on the winning pictures.

Congratulations to:


Carris Year 6

Lydia Year 5

Ruth Year 3

Hadley Year 2


The winning pictures will be placed on the Children’s Page on the Website so you can have view. Well done children- when you are older and become rich famous artists like Banksy can you please remember your old primary school teachers.


With best wishes



Peter McCabe Headteacher