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Weekly News Friday 7 May 2021

Dear Parents and Carers


“The family’s strength lies in its capacity to love and to teach how to love.” Pope Francis

May is the month that the Church dedicates to Mary the mother of Jesus. Year R led the rest of the school in a virtual Crowning of Mary liturgy. If you wish to view the children’s work it can be found here:


Congratulations to all our children in Year R for all their hard work in putting together this liturgy. The children are shining stars of St Simon’s.


On Wednesday 12 May at 10:30a.m Year R will be visiting the Church for the first time as a class and on Wednesday 26th May at 1:30p.m. the children will receive their own bible which will be blessed by Fr. Hans. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions this year parents will not be able to join us.


The children in Key Stage 2 have had access to the “MyOn” library of books since lockdown. Many children and parents have expressed that they would like the children to be able to access the quizzes for the books read at home and I am very pleased to announce that this is now possible.


Children will however need to use Chrome or Outlook Explorer as some other browsers will not support the quizzes and children may need to use a device with a screen larger than 7 inches.


We are holding an Arts Week beginning Monday 17 May the children will be working with two professional artists throughout the week. On Friday 21 May the artwork the children produce will be exhibited in the school grounds for all to view. This is one of the first events on the school’s “Road Map” back towards some sense of normality. More information will be provided at a later date.

For the Art week we need to collect loads of recycled materials for the children to work with:


Plastic bottles

Plastic containers

Bottle tops

Small off-cuts of wood


This week work on the new Trim Trail started and the children have been fascinated watching materials being delivered and the area for the trim trail being marked out.


Work seems to be going very slowly at the moment and not much progress has been made to date so we will still need to be very careful supervising the children around the works. I have been assured that the trim trail will be finished before the end of next week!


Advance notice: Wednesday 26 May the school photographer will visit the school to take individual school photographs. Unfortunately this year due to COVID restrictions we will not be able to take photographs of pre-school siblings.

With best wishes


Peter McCabe