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Weekly Zoom Meetings for all Classes

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils


We are setting up weekly Zoom meetings for all classes to give all pupils working at home the opportunity to speak to their class teacher and to see their classmates.


Each meeting will last for approximately 30 minutes. Please read the protocols for online meetings which all are expected to follow while attending the meetings.


To attend a meeting:

  1. please click on the link
  2. Then you will need to select “Join a Meeting” at the top right hand side of the page
  3. You will then have to put in the meeting code ID from the table below
  4. You will then be asked for the passcode and to type in the child’s name and a valid email address this can be your email address and to confirm the email address
  5. You may then need to join using computer audio and computer video so that your child can be seen and heard


Only pupils’ names from the particular class will be admitted to any meeting.


Please refer to the time table below for meeting ID and passcode to the correct meeting for your child.








Year 1

Meeting Code ID

994 3327 8231



Year 3

Meeting Code ID

974 7660 9558



Year 5

Meeting Code ID

954 5380 7964



Year 6

Meeting Code ID

926 8700 9050




Year 2

Meeting Code ID

910 2524 6587



Year 4

Meeting Code ID

984 8728 1696



Year R

Meeting Code ID

985 1678 5983





Protocol for online meetings for Parents Pupils and School

When participating in online meetings Parents and Pupils will:


  • Follow the school rules and our “5 Caring Cs” Care, Courtesy, Commitment, Cooperation and Consideration
  • A parent or carer must be present in the room during the meeting but do not need to be on screen
  • Parents are not allowed to record the meeting as other children will be present
  • Parents should ensure that other members of the household do not enter the screen. Where this isn’t possible to avoid other family members must follow the school rules and our “5 Caring Cs”
  • Parents and carers must ensure that all backgrounds to the meeting are appropriate any unsuitable material must be removed from the background before the pupil joins the meeting.
  • Pupils should not be in their bedrooms
  • Pupils should be appropriately dressed although this does not need to be school uniform


School Staff:

  • Will only use the school approved system for holding a meeting
  • At the beginning of the meeting staff will remind pupils about the expectations regarding behaviour and following our “5 Caring Cs”
  • School staff will follow school expectations of professional conduct as outlined in the school’s:  Staff Code of Conduct and the Teaching Standards
  • For safeguarding purposes all meetings will be recorded
  • All backgrounds will be neutral and appropriate
  • Staff will mute and/or disable pupil video and microphones if required


Peter McCabe Headteacher