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At St Simon’s our intent for mathematics is to teach a rich Mastery based curriculum that responds to the needs of pupils. Our aim is to develop competent yet curious mathematicians through providing opportunities to reason, problem solve and be fluent in each area of the subject and to apply skills and knowledge creatively in the wider curriculum.




Good practice is shared through a collegiate coaching environment in the school. CPD is planned in line with the School Improvement Plan to equip staff with the subject knowledge and expertise to deliver a Mastery style curriculum.

The whole class is taught together building on previous knowledge of what they already know and plan for small steps. Time is invested in teaching the key mathematical topics, providing time to go deeper and embed learning.




The impact of our mathematics curriculum is that pupils will understand the relevance of what they are learning in relation to the real world. Through our school-wide commitment to metacognition we hope to foster an environment where learning is fun and all efforts are valued and relevant as part of a learning journey.