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Who's Who


Head Teacher ~ Mr Peter McCabe

Deputy Head Teacher ~ Mrs J Ling


Teaching Staff

RECEPTION -Mrs A Chapman and Mrs Macdonald  
YEAR 1 -Miss L Keeling
YEAR 2 -Miss N Fudge
YEAR 3 -Mrs A Hyczko

YEAR 4 -Miss G Sentance
YEAR 5 -Mrs R Ebenebe
YEAR 6 -Mrs J Warren/Mrs M Williams

 Outdoor Education and Science- Mrs M Williams

MUSIC -Mrs Harrison

SENCO - Miss Francis
SENCO Assistant - Mrs B Macdonald


Teaching Assistants

Mrs G Selling
Mrs J Gibbs
Mrs B Macdonald
Mrs M Kirwan
Mrs C Dorman

Mrs H De Wynter

Mrs C Shoubridge

Mrs N Arnold

Ms D Chittenden

Mrs Barerra

Mrs Maxwell

Mrs Anthony and Mrs Griffin Communication Support Worker


Administrative Staff

Mrs M Cooper
Mrs M Keleher



Mr G Maden


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs D Christie
Mrs L Griffin
Mrs Garung
Mrs J Emery

Ms Chittenden

Ms Hayward



Mrs H Woods


Assistant Cook

Mrs D Shorter

Ms L Napolitano