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"St Simon's mission is to work, learn, pray and play together to fulfil God's unique plan for each and every one of us."

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"St Simon's mission is to work, learn, pray and play together to fulfil God's unique plan for each and every one of us."

Coronarvirus Catch Up Premium


‘Academies in Christ’ Part of the Archdiocese of Southwark


Coronavirus Catch-up Premium

School: St Simon of England RC Primary School

Date: 1st December 2020


Purpose of the premium

The catch-up premium has been designed to mitigate the effects of the unique disruption caused by coronavirus (COVID-19).  Consequently, the grant is only available for the 2020 to 2021 academic year.


Use of funding

Schools should use this funding for specific activities to support their pupils to catch up for lost teaching over the previous months, in line with the guidance on curriculum expectations for the next academic year.  Schools have the flexibility to spend their funding in the best way for their cohort and circumstances.


To support schools to make the best use of this funding, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has published a coronavirus (COVID-19) support guide for schools with evidence-based approaches to catch up for all students. Schools should use this document to help them direct their additional funding in the most effective way. This could include, for example:

  • small group or one-to-one tuition (particularly through the National Tutoring Programme)
  • summer programmes to help re-engage pupils or extra teaching capacity from September.


To support schools to implement their catch-up plans effectively, EEF has also published the school planning guide: 2020 to 2021. This is to provide further guidance on how schools should implement catch-up strategies following their return in September and supporting case studies to highlight effective practice.


Accountability and monitoring

As with all government funding, school leaders must be able to account for how this money is being used to achieve the central goal of schools getting back on track and teaching a normal curriculum as quickly as possible.


Given their role in ensuring schools spend funding appropriately and in holding schools to account for educational performance, governors and trustees should scrutinise schools’ approaches to catch-up from September, including their plans for and use of catch-up funding. This should include consideration of whether schools are spending this funding in line with their catch-up priorities, and ensuring appropriate transparency for parents.






Number of pupils in school


Coronavirus premium allocation this academic year 2020/2021



Catch-up priorities for current academic year 2020/2021

At St Simon of England RC Primary School, we intend to spend the Coronavirus catch-up premium in the following ways:




Priority 1

Triage to identify pupils who have substantial gaps in English and mathematics and address these through quality first teaching and provision mapping.

Priority 2

Engagement with the National Tutoring Programme to employ two tutors across the school to work with pupils who have been identified through triage as in need of additional support other than the school’s normal “recipe”.

Priority 3

EYFS Participation in the Nuffield Early Language Intervention programme.

Priority 4

Provision of bespoke programmes of work to support pupils with their Mental Health and well-being

Projected Spending


Monitoring and implementation

At St Simon of England RC Primary School we will assess the effect of this expenditure on the educational attainment of those pupils in the following ways:




Priority 1

For English and Mathematics Triage to identify those who are in need of:

Immediate category.  These learners require immediate intensive intervention (this is not linked to level of SEN but loss of learning)

Urgent category. These learners require significant intervention as soon as possible

Delayed category. These Learners will require some intervention, but are not urgent.                                                                        

Expectant category.  These learners will require focused quality first teaching to address their learning needs. 

Baseline assessment completed and recorded in the school’s tracking system.


Priority 2

Pupils Identified through Triage to be at Immediate and Urgent categories to receive initial additional support from TeachFirst tutors. January to February 2021


Use of Baseline assessments to measure the impact of Tutor support to insure gaps in learning are closed.


Re-adjust and review groups going forward. February-July 2020

Priority 3

LanguageScreen assessment with all EYFS children to identify children who will benefit from the Nuffield Early Language Development Programme. December 2020


Enrolment on Future Learn Training Platform for teachers and teaching assistants. December 2020


School staff to undertake training- core content around 10 hours self-paced two-week period January 2021


Nuffield Early Language Intervention Programme delivered to the children identified January-February 2021


Ongoing remote delivery support January-July 2021


Completion of a follow up LanguageScreen assessment to review the progress against the original assessment in December.

Priority 4

Completion of Boxall Assessment for all pupils to provide a baseline for the whole school. October 2020


Establish timetable of well-being assemblies to help give pupils strategies for dealing with their mental health. Assemblies will be based on information from Boxall Assessment. October 2020-May 2021


Embed and monitor the use of Zones of Regulation so that pupils can clearly articulate their feelings.


Identify children who will benefit from participating in following interventions:


“Anxiety Gremlin”

“Language for thinking”

“Language for behaviour and emotions”


Completion of CPD for staff in strategies for helping pupils and staff with good mental health. January 2021


Reassess pupils across the school using Boxall Assessment to measure impact against baseline assessment completed in Term 1 June 2021.




Our Mission and Values

"St Simon's mission is to work, learn, pray and play together to fulfil God's unique plan for each and every one of us."

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St Simon of England RC Primary School is an academy, and part of the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership. The Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company registration number 08176019 at registered address: Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ. St Simon of England RC Primary School is a business name of Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership.