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Special Educational Needs

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 'St Simon's mission is to work, learn, pray and play together  to fulfil God's unique plan for each and every one of us'.


At St. Simon’s RC Primary School we strive to ensure that every pupil progresses, and to do this we endeavour to fully support all children. As we take children through their primary school journey we strive to provide high quality teaching for all. However, for some of our children additional support is needed in different areas to assist them to make progress and reach their full potential. Where children are identified as requiring additional support, having a special educational need and/or disability, we aim to ensure that all staff raise the aspirations and expectations of these pupils.


St. Simon’s is committed to providing a fully inclusive environment; we believe that all children have the right to succeed and we aim to meet the individual needs of all our pupils at all times. We are able to provide a wide range of interventions and strategies which will minimise barriers to learning in a multi-sensory and engaging manner.





For further information on SEN provision and how we aim to make all aspects of our school community accessible to all, please see our SEN information report below and refer to our accessibility report.

St Simon Of England SEND Policy\Information Report (awaiting ratification)

The new SEN Code of Practice: What this means for SEN pupils and their parents

On September 1st 2014 a new Code of Practice became effective. Please find below links to the full Department for Education (DfE) Code of Practice document and the DfE guide for parents and carers.

Useful Information for Parents

Mrs Chambers is the school SENCO and can be contacted via the school office. If you are the parent of a SEND pupil and have any queries about your child’s education, please do not hesitate to book an appointment with Mrs Chambers.


Here you will find links and information relevant to SEN for parents/carers. Please check this page for regular updates.

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