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"St Simon's mission is to work, learn, pray and play together to fulfil God's unique plan for each and every one of us."

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"St Simon's mission is to work, learn, pray and play together to fulfil God's unique plan for each and every one of us."

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  • Weekly News Friday 19 April 2024

    Fri 19 Apr 2024

    Dear Parents and Carers


    Dear Lord Jesus, you are the Good Shepherd who guides us through life. Please help us always to place our trust in you. Amen.

    Welcome back I hope everyone managed to get some rest over the Easter holidays and didn’t over indulge in eating too many Easter Eggs or chocolate bunnies.


    Beginning of Term Mass

    Today we attended our beginning of term Mass at the St Simon’s Church. This was followed by a traditional Easter Blessing of all the classrooms by Fr. Jose. Many thanks to Fr. Jose and to all our altar servers and readers.


    Lenten Fundraising

    I am very pleased to inform you that the final total for our fundraising during Lent was £2553.50. This is a terrific amount of money. Well done everyone and many thanks for the generosity shown by all in raising money on behalf of our charities.


    The Start of the School day

    This is a gentle reminder that the school gates open at 8:30a.m and that the school day starts at 8:40a.m. This is the time that our registers open and children are expected to be in their classrooms at this time.

    We have a number of children who are often late this can upset and unsettle the children so please can everyone make sure that they arrive to school on time ready for registration at 8:40a.m.


    Year 2 Parents SATS Briefing

    On Thursday 25th April at 3:30p.m in the Year 2 classroom we are holding a briefing for Year 2 parents and carers to inform them about the Year 2 optional S.A.Ts. which the children will be taking part in. Mrs Hyczko will be able to share information on the process and what parents and carers can do to help prepare their children.


    Football and Netball Tournament at St Anselm’s

    Pupils from Year 4 and 5 will be representing the school at a football and netball tournament at St Anselm’s School Canterbury on Wednesday 24th April. We have two teams a boys team and a girls team who will be playing both football and netball.


    Team Building Workshops

    The Uprising Church are working with our Year 5 children on team building activities and workshops throughout this term on Thursday afternoons. The children have already attended their first session this week and the children all had a great time. Many thanks to the Uprising team for providing this.


    School Uniform and P.E Kit.

    All children are expected to wear proper school uniform and P.E kit for P.E lessons at school. Please can all parents and carers make sure that children wear their school uniform and have a school P.E kit for P.E lessons.


    Best wishes


    Peter McCabe

  • Weekly News Thursday 28th March 2024

    Thu 28 Mar 2024

    Dear Parents and Carers


    “Let us prepare to celebrate Easter in the joy of God! Christ is risen! Christ is alive!” Pope Francis


    Today Year 4 led the whole school in our Passion Reflection when the children reminded us about the journey that Jesus took to his crucifixion and death on the cross and then to his burial in the tomb. We all look forward to the promise and joy that Easter brings. Thank you, Year 4 for a very moving liturgy.


    This Sunday is Easter Sunday the greatest day in the Church’s calendar. This day reminds us that Jesus, the Son of God, offers each one of us a share in his everlasting life and eternal happiness.


    Below I have listed the main Mass times of the Easter Triduum at St Simon’s Church:

    Maundy Thursday            8:00p.m Mass of The Lord’s Supper

    Good Friday                        9:30a.m Stations of the Cross 3:00p.m The          Passion of Our Lord

    Holy Saturday                    8:30p.m Easter Vigil Mass

    Easter Sunday                   10:00a.m Mass Easter Morning 6:30p.m. Easter Mass


    For full details of all services including Masses in the Syro-Malabar rite please click on this page:



    Lenten Fundraising

    A great big thank you to everyone for the tremendous fundraising during Lent we have raised over £2000 towards our charities. I will give a final breakdown of what we have raised when all the funds have been collected and counted. The great generosity of everyone at the school needs to be celebrated. This must be one of the largest amounts of money that we have ever raised during Lent. Thank you everyone.


    Today we held our Easter Egg Raffle and we had nearly 300 eggs to raffle which meant that all the children left with at least one Egg. This could not have happened if it wasn’t for the kind donations of eggs that were still coming into school this morning. Well done all at St Simon’s.


    KCSP Easter Newsletter

    Our latest trust newsletter can be found on our Latest News page on our website or by clicking on this link:


    Easter Holidays

    The children are on holiday from today 28th March and they return to school on Monday 15th April.


    Wishing you all a Holy and Happy Easter



    Peter McCabe Headteacher



    May the Easter season bring you blessings beyond measure, and may the light of Christ shine brightly in your life.

    May the peace and joy of Easter be with you, and may you always feel the love of God in your heart.



    Train to be a teacher with our Trust


    KCSP have partnered with Teach First, a leading education charity, to provide our SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) programme.


    We can offer you a wonderful and exciting opportunity to embark on training to be a teacher within our family of Catholic schools, and as a Trust we will fully support you on your journey!


    For further information, please visit:Train to Teach | Kent Catholic Schools' Partnership ( and to apply, please visit:




  • Weekly News Friday 22 March 2024

    Fri 22 Mar 2024

    Dear Parents and Carers


    Dear Lord Jesus, as Holy Week approaches, we thank and praise you for giving your life for us, so that one day we too may know the joys of heaven. Amen.

    Holy Week

    Next week is Holy Week the most important week in the Church’s year. It is the Final week of Lent and begins this Sunday which is Palm Sunday. It is the time when we remember and participate in the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. To help prepare for the great celebration of Easter the children in Key Stage 2 will have the opportunity to take part in Reconciliation for those who have made their First Holy Communion. The other children are offered pastoral support from the priest if they wish.


    On Tuesday 26th March at 9:30a.m the children will be attending Mass in the Church. Parents and carers are welcome to join us.


    On Thursday 28th March which is Holy Thursday the children in Year 4 will lead us in our Passion Reflection when we pause and think about the great sacrifice of Jesus dying on the cross. This is usually a very moving liturgy. Parents and Carers are most welcome.


    Prayer Intentions

    If parents or carers have any intentions they would like the children to pray for we have a prayer box in the reception area.


    Lenten Fund Raising


    Year 6 Activity Afternoon

    This week our Year 6 pupils arranged an activity afternoon for the rest of the school. The children were able to take part in a range of different fun activities such as a “Penalty Shoot Out”, Emoji Guess the Name of the Country, Guess the Number of Eggs in the Jar etc. all to raise funds for the “War Child” charity. Well done to our Year 6 for making sure everyone had a most enjoyable time.


    Easter Egg Raffle

    Parents have been very generous with donating Easter Eggs for our raffle however we are still looking for more donations of Easter Eggs. Tickets will be on sale again next week at 20 pence per ticket.


    When all our Fundraising has been completed I will be able to inform everyone of how much we have raised for each of our Lenten charities.


    One-Way System

    We still operate a one-way system in the school grounds for dropping off children in the morning and collecting in the evening. This system allows everyone to access and leave the grounds safely. Please can everyone make sure that they keep to the system.


    Parents are also asked to make sure that their children stay with them and not run off ahead unattended.


    Pupil Mental Health and Well-Being

    We have a dedicated page on our website to promote pupil mental health and well-being. There is a great deal of content on the page e.g. there is information to help our Year 6 pupils with anxieties around transition to secondary school, there are great ideas on the “Happy Newsletter” and information and advice for parents.


    I recommend that all parents should check this page out here:


    Congratulations Mr Hunt

    Congratulations to Mr Hunt our Sports Coach as he has been awarded South Eastern Basketball Coach of the Year. This is a fantastic achievement for him, he will receive his award later in the year. One of his teams is in a county final next Wednesday so we wish Mr Hunt and his team the very best of luck.


    With best wishes



    Peter McCabe

  • Weekly News Friday 15 March 2024

    Fri 15 Mar 2024

    Dear Parents and Carers

    “Let us ask for the grace to follow Jesus faithfully, not in words but in deeds.” Pope Francis

    Hockey Festival

    Unfortunately, the Hockey Festival on Tuesday was a wash out. Our Year 4 children did get to compete in a number of games and did very well despite being completely soaked through. Our Year 6 team didn’t play as the afternoon session was cancelled due to the weather conditions. Well done Year 4!


    Parent Evenings

    We have had excellent attendance at our parent evenings on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Many thanks to everyone who completed one of our parent questionnaires. Your views really do matter to us and although I haven’t had the time to have a proper look at all the returned questionnaires on first glance they are all extremely positive.


    If you haven’t been able to make an appointment this week if you contact the school office, I am sure that we can arrange an appointment at a later date.


    Lenten Fund Raising

    This week the children were challenged to wear all the colours of the rainbow for donations towards the Pilgrims Hospice. We have raised an amazing £427.70. Well done to all for taking part.


    Next week the children are taking part in our Year 6 Activity Afternoon where our Year 6 pupils design activities for the other children to take part in. Further details next week.


    Easter Egg Raffle

    Parents have been very generous with donating Easter Eggs for our raffle one of our families has made a fantastic donation of over 73 eggs which is terrific. We are still looking for donations of Easter Eggs for our raffle on Thursday 28thMarch. Tickets will be on sale next week.


    Holy Week

    With Holy Week approaching on the week beginning Monday 25th March the children in Key Stage 2 will have the opportunity to take part in Reconciliation for those who have made their First Holy Communion. The other children are offered pastoral support from the priest if they wish.

    On Tuesday 26th March at 9:30a.m the children will be attending Mass in the Church. Parents and carers are welcome to join us.


    On Thursday 28th March which is Holy Thursday the children will in Year 4 will lead us in our Passion Reflection when we pause and think about the great sacrifice of Jesus dying on the cross. This is usually a very moving liturgy. Parents and Carers are most welcome.


    Well done to all the children who supported with singing at Mass for Mother’s Day the parishioners really appreciate the children singing.


    The Wizard of Oz

    On Monday 18th March we have M and M Productions performing their version of “The Wizard of Oz” for the whole school to enjoy.


    Data Collection Sheets

    Many thanks to all who have returned their data collection and consent slips. Please can parents remember to put the child’s name on the sheet so we know who it applies to.


    Parents also need to consent to allowing Accelerated Reader, Purple Mash and MyMaths to handle children’s data otherwise they will not be able to use any of these platforms in school.


    School Dinners

    If your child has to pay for a school dinner, there needs to be enough funds in their ParentPay account to cover the cost of meals. We do not wish to be in the position where our catering company are refusing to provide meals for parents and carers who haven’t paid their debts.


    Concerns about Children

    If you have any concerns about your child at the end of school, please speak to the class teacher after they have safely dismissed the other children or make an appointment via the school office.


    With best wishes


    Peter McCabe

  • Weekly News Friday 8 March 2024

    Fri 08 Mar 2024

    Dear Parents and Carers


    God wants us to live like Jesus, to be ‘self-giving’, which is the opposite of being ‘selfish’. To be ‘self-giving’ is to be aware of others’ needs or interests, and to put their needs before our own. Let’s bring peace and joy into our community by sharing God’s love, through our self-giving. Wednesday Word Week beginning 4th  March 2024


    Lenten Fundraising


    Sponsored Walk- Well done to all the children taking part in this event for CAFOD. We haven’t got a final total as yet as the money is still coming in but we have raised £822 to date. When we have received all the funds we will keep you fully informed in how much we have raised.


    Scavenger Hunt- This week our School Council arranged a “Scavenger Hunt” to raise funds for “Place2Be” a children’s mental health charity. Well done to our school council for planning and delivering this event for the school. This event raised £310. The winners of the hunt were Laurie, Lena and Filip.


    Well done to everyone for all we have raised so far for our charities.


    Dress in the Colours of the Rainbow- Next week on Friday 15th March children are challenged to dress in the colours of the rainbow in aid of donations to Pilgrims Hospices.


    Year 6 Activity Afternoon- On Friday 22nd March our Year 6 children will plan an “activity afternoon” for the rest of the school to participate in. This is always a favourite with all the children as our Year 6 always plan a wide variety of activities for the children to take part in e.g. penalty shoot-out, nail bar, decorating biscuits etc. Funds raised during this event will go to “War Child”.


    Easter Egg “Raffle”- This year we are hoping to do our annual Easter Egg raffle again. We are looking for donations of Easter Eggs to go in our raffle. Last year we had enough eggs donated so that every child was able to go home with at least one egg. Raffle tickets will be on sale the week beginning 18th March.


    Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel

    The school has entered the Sustrans “Big Walk and Wheel” which takes place 11th March until the 22nd of March. During these two weeks children are encouraged to either walk, scoot or ride their bike to school.

    We will then record the number of journeys that are completed onto “The Big Walk and Wheel” website.


    We as a school could win prizes for our efforts- more importantly it encourages healthier lifestyles and is better for the environment as it will reduce traffic on the roads.


    If you live too far away from the school to walk, scoot or cycle why not park in the church carpark and we can still include your journey in the programme.


    Football Match

    On Tuesday 5th March our football team played against Rolvenden Primary School unfortunately we lost 2-1. Congratulations to both teams as they played in some horrendous pitch conditions due to the recent wet weather. Thank you to Mr Hunt and Mr Macdonald for supporting the team.



    On Tuesday 12th March we have two teams a team from Year 4 and a team from Year 6 playing in a hockey festival at Ashford School. I am sure that both teams will give their very best.


    World Book day

    Well done to all for taking part in our World Book Day activities the children have excelled themselves in creating their characters for their Lanyards. The winning characters were produced by the following pupils: Filip, Kai, Emily, Orokeka, Ilya, Logan and Amelia. We will now take their designs and reproduce these so that they can decorate our library.


    Parent Evenings

    On Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th from 3:30p.m until 6:00p.m we are holding our parent evenings. If you haven’t already made an appointment please contact the school office.


    With best wishes


    Peter McCabe

  • Weekly News 1st March 2024

    Fri 01 Mar 2024

    Dear Parents and Carers


    Merciful God, work through us so that we can no longer ignore the problems facing our world and the most vulnerable. Comfort us when we face our own times of trouble and lead us to new life with you. Amen.


    Stations of the Cross

    As part of our journey through Lent this week Years 3 and 4 participated in Stations of the Cross. Next Wednesday the 6th March at 10:45a.m Years 5 and 6 will visit the Church to complete “The Stations” parents and carers are very welcome to join the children.


    Lenten Fund-Raising Sponsored Walk in Aid of CAFOD

    Today the children took part in their sponsored walk in aid of CAFOD. The children had a lot of fun despite the fact we had to move the walk indoors due to the soggy conditions outside. The children managed to do a number of circuits around the inside corridors and due to being inside not having as much space meant that they actually had to walk and not run or jog!


    If parents and carers could send in their sponsored money as soon as possible so that Mrs Cooper can do her counting and bank the funds. Many thanks to all for helping us with our fundraising.


    Congratulations to everyone for their generosity last week we raised £266.49 for the WWF.


    Next week the children will be participating in a “Scavenger Hunt” more details to follow early next week.


    Reports and Parent Evenings

    Today you should receive your child/children’s latest report. The report is just a snapshot of how your child is getting on at school. We have two parent evenings arranged to discuss the reports on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th March. Appointments will be available from 3:30p.m to 6:00p.m parents are able to sign up for an appointment on Weds, Thurs and Friday next week in the school hall at drop off or pickup.


    Mobile Library

    On Monday 4th March the Mobile Library will visit the school and Years 1 and 3 will be able to visit this and join the library and choose a book.


    World Book Day

    This year World Book Day is on Thursday 7th March. The children are asked to create a character for a story and write the “blurb” or information for this character. This information will be written onto a lanyard. All materials and further details will be provided early next week.


    KCSP Trust Annual Online Science Day

    On Friday 8th March children in the school will participating in our school trusts Online Science Day. The children will be joining schools across our trust in different investigations. Key stage 2 will be investigating “Biscuit Dunking” while EYFS and Key Stage 1 will be investigating how to stop chopped apples from going brown after they have been chopped. Should all prove to be exciting stuff. Fortunately, no “worm charming” like last year!


    Latest Online Safety Newsletter

    Our latest online safety newsletter is available to view or download form our website here:


    Football Match

    On Tuesday 5th March our school football team will be playing against Rolvenden Primary School. The children will be transported by minibus from St Simon’s at 2:45p.m and should return to school no later than 5:30p.m. depending on traffic. I am sure that our team will do their very best.


    Year R Screening

    On Wednesday 6th March the school nursing team are visiting Year R to complete hearing and vision screening.



    I have received complaints from our neighbours about parents parking over their drives meaning that they can’t access or exit their property. We also had another near miss when one of our pupils was nearly reversed into by a parent of this school so can every one please take care when parking.


    With best wishes


    Peter McCabe

  • Weekly News Friday 23rd February 2024

    Fri 23 Feb 2024

    Dear Parents and Carers

    “Lent is a favourable season for deepening our spiritual life through fasting, prayer and charitable giving.” Pope Francis


    On Thursday our Children’s Liturgy Group led the whole school in our Lenten Liturgy when we marked the beginning of the school’s journey through Lent with a very prayerful and thoughtful service. This year Lent began on 14th February which was during half term so we couldn’t attend Ash Wednesday Mass as a whole school so this liturgy organised by the children has set us off to a good start.


    I would like to thank the Liturgy Group for their hard work in planning the liturgy and for their very confident delivery. Many thanks to Fr. Jose and to all the parents and carers who joined us for this special occasion.


    Stations of the Cross

    During Lent the children will have the opportunity to take part in “The Stations of the Cross” in the church. The Stations of the Cross help us all to reflect upon the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on his journey to dying on the cross and then towards the great hope that the resurrection on Easter Sunday brings.


    Year 3 and Year 4 have the opportunity to complete “The Stations” on Wednesday 28th February at 10:45 a.m. Parents and carers are very welcome to join the children should they wish to.


    Our First Lenten Fundraiser- Crazy Hair Day

    Today the children had the opportunity to take part in our first Lenten fundraiser Crazy Hair Day. The children were challenged to arrive at school sporting crazy hair on the theme of “Gods Wonderful World” for a donation to WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Our school council chose this charity as it reflects the Catholic Social Teaching principle of Stewardship caring for our world and creation.


    The children had a great deal of fun while raising funds for this very worthwhile charity.


    Next week the children are going to participate in a sponsored walk in aid of CAFOD they should have a sponsor form sent home this weekend.


    Oscar Romero Award

    I am very pleased to announce that we have been awarded “Participator Level” of the Oscar Romero Award in recognition of the work we have done on Catholic Social Teaching.


    Trip to Dover Museum

    On Monday Years 3 and 4 will be visiting Dover Museum to visit the artefacts on display and to take part in workshops on aspects of history they have been studying I am sure that the children will enjoy the visit and will learn lots.


    Highworth Music Workshop

    On Wednesday 28th February Year 6 will visit Highworth Grammar School to take part in a singing workshop. Children from schools across Ashford will meet together to take part in this singing event. This is an excellent opportunity for the children. Well done to Mrs Withey-Harrison for arranging this.


    Children invited to sing at Mass on 10th March for Mother’s Day

    On Sunday 10th March at 10:00 a.m. the children are invited to join the parish at a very special Mass to celebrate Mother’s Day. It is always a great pleasure to hear our children sing and their singing helps to raise the sense of celebration. The children are asked to arrive in their school uniform at 9:45 a.m and should be collected no later than 11:15 a.m. it would be good to have as many children possible attend.


    Parental Survey 

    The Education People’s Early Years and Childcare Service is conducting a survey on behalf of Kent County Council, of parents/carers and expectant parents to determine interest in the childcare entitlements that are being introduced this year and their arrangements for wraparound care of any primary school aged children. The survey will also gather the views of parents/carers using or wanting to use more childcare in Kent. This combined information will help us assess where there are gaps in provision. Survey can be accessed by scanning the QR Code below

     With best wishes


    Peter McCabe

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